10 Things You Can Do With Play-Doh

  One thing I always carry in my therapy bag is Play-Doh. It is so versatile and easy to use. The bright colors help engage children of all ages. There are so many ways you can utilize Play-Doh. You can use it to desensitize a tactile defensive child, or you can use it to strengthen the hands of a child with low muscle tone.  Here are 10 simple and fun activities to help you incorporate Play-Doh into your therapy session.   Thumb Opposition The ability to turn and rotate your thumb and have it touch the tip of each of

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5 Ways To Help A Distracted Child Focus

5 Ways To Help a Distracted Child Focus

Written by: Sarah Appleman MS, OTR/L After working a few weeks with that fussy 2 year old, you start feeling frustrated. What am I missing? Why can’t he sit still so we can work on the skills he needs to improve on??? You researched Pinterest, Instagram and so many other sites, you made your lesson plan, then one minute into the session, your child runs screaming from the room!!! Uggggghhhh!!! Back at Grad School it was so easy to sit in a classroom analyzing case studies. After all, these cases were just “hypotheticals”. You all prepare your carefully researched answers

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5 Tips For New Occupational Therapist Graduates

Written by: Sarah Appleman MS, OTR/L Congratulations, you have started your career as an OT. You have sat through so many courses, cried through exams, learned how to administer standardized tests, memorized pathways in Neurology (that will surely come in handy), presented your thesis, and are now ready to begin your career. That first day on the job, you get dressed in the just-right outfit, not too fancy because you will be on the floor with kids, but not too underdressed because you want to be the professional you are, after all you did not get $100K big ones in

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