Outdoor Sensory Activities _ Play With Your Food (2)

Outdoor Sensory Activities

Taking your Sensory Engagements outside is a wonderful idea. First, most Sensory Activities are very messy, so you will have less to clean up! Second, you have the ability to utilize nature as your playground. This helps increase the amount of movement you can introduce to your child in a safe, natural setting. You can also utilize the environment to enhance speech skills, such as having your child talk about what they see, hear and smell. Here are a few fun activities for you to do with your child outside!

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How To Switch Routines With Children On The Spectrum

Everyone knows how important routine is. Routines help keep you organized, calm, and reduce stress. Routines allow you to engage successfully in activities because you can predict what will happen. Routine is comforting. However, change is inevitable, and it is important to learn how to properly handle change. A lot of children I work with have poor coping skills. This makes change extremely hard as they are unable to properly calm themselves when they become agitated. Life is full of uncertainty and unexpected events. Here are some ways to help your child prepare for change!

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tips for a healthy eating child

These 5 Tips Will Have Your Child Eating Healthier!

The biggest complaint I hear from parents is “How do I get my child to eat healthier?” There are many reasons a child can be a “picky “or “fussy” eater.  Sometimes it can be a sensory issue (the texture or temperature causes the child to avoid the food). Sometimes it is a lack of awareness. Many children have not touched fruits or vegetables because it is not in their household. Simply introducing various choices of foods will allow your child to safely experiment with tastes. Children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Increasing their involvement will help

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5 Great Cooking Toys for Kids with Special Needs

Great Cooking Toys for Kids with Special Needs

Children imitate those around them especially their parents. They watch how they cook and bake so naturally, a great toy for them to play with is pots and pans. Whether you have kid-sized pots and pans or you use ones from your cabinet, pots and pans are an amazing tool for your child. Pots and pans help your child’s imagination grow and allows them to entertain themselves. I remember watching my little brother sit on the floor and play with pots and pans for what seemed like forever. Encouraging your child to use their imagination and creativity allows them to

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How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier

Have your child grocery shop with you! If you are able to, take your child to the grocery store to assist you in shopping. To make this trip easier, don’t take an overwhelming shopping list. Keep it simple with a purpose, so if you would like to have your child try new fruits, just stay in the fruit section. Let them notice how pretty the grocery store designs its vegetable and fruit section! It is designed to be visually pleasing and inviting. The colored peppers are arranged in a beautiful rainbow-like display. It is not surprising to learn that grocery

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