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Today we’re working on fine motor skills and I’ve got a couple of fun activities you can do in your home!

Activity One – Fill Your Caterpillar
Get craft and make a caterpillar on a piece of paper. Make sure each section of its body is large enough to fit a few poms. Give each section of his body a color (for color recognition) or use white paper and assign each section of his body a number (for number recognition).

After your caterpillar is crafted, grab some tongs and a large bowl of poms. Have your child use the tongs to grab poms to fill their caterpillar! If you are using colored sections, make sure they grab the colored poms that correspond with the colors of his body. If you are using numbers, make sure they count each pom out to match the number.

This activity is great for build hand strength, pre-scissor skills, fine motor growth, eye-hand coordination, and so much more!

Activity Two – Fill Your Cup
The next activity is similar but we’re making it a bit more challenging! Grab a pitcher or bowl of ice, some tongs, and a glass. Use the tongs to grab one ice cube at a time to fill each glass. The slipperiness of the ice adds an extra challenging element! 

Thanks for joining us today. Follow along with us for more fun activities every week!

For any questions regarding these activities, Occupational Therapy, or my services, you can send me a message or find me on Instagram – @playwithyourfoodbook.

Sarah Appleman MS, OTR/L is the author of “Play With Your Food” and is a specialist in her field. 

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