Play With Your Food Book

Ready for another fun fine motor activity??

Today we’re making fondant roses and playing a memory game with our cupcakes! You’ll need different colored fondant, a rolling pin, and some cupcakes.

We start by rolling out some fondant and cutting out shapes to make petals for our cupcake top. The rolling and cutting help build strength in your child’s hands. After we have all of our petals, we’re arranging our cupcakes to make the rose. Get creative with your flower design!

Before you eat your delicious cupcakes, let’s play a quick memory game! Place your cupcakes under bowls or cups. Mix them around and then try to match the colorful flowers on your cupcakes. When you win, you get to eat a cupcake! Yay!

For any questions regarding these activities, Occupational Therapy, or my services, you can send me a message or find me on Instagram – @playwithyourfoodbook.

Sarah Appleman MS, OTR/L is the author of “Play With Your Food” and is a specialist in her field. 

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