Play With Your Food Book

From pretend to real, this activity brings your creations to life!

We’re using the Disney Princess Cupcake toy to make some cupcakes and then recreating our creations on real cupcakes. Yum!

This activity is great because squeezing the frosting helps with hand strength and fine motor skills. Your child gets to use their creativity to make a beautiful cupcake, and they can get introduced to new textures like frosting or sprinkles.

Thanks for joining us today. Follow along with us for more fun activities every week!

Here’s Everything You Need For This Activity-
Disney Princess Cupcake
Cupcake Mix
Cupcake Wrappers
Piping Bags

For any questions regarding these activities, Occupational Therapy, or my services, you can send me a message or find me on Instagram – @playwithyourfoodbook.

Sarah Appleman MS, OTR/L is the author of “Play With Your Food” and is a specialist in her field. 

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