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Banana Sushi Recipe

Finding healthy snacks that kids actually want to eat can be very difficult! However, if you give children some control of what they are eating they will be more likely to eat it. This recipe is a healthy and fun way to have your children tolerate various textures in the preparation and then work on their fine motor skills to eat. I love using chopsticks to help children improve their fine motor skills. There are many ways to incorporate using chopsticks when playing with food!

Let's make Banana Sushi! You'll need:

To get started, peel the bananas and place them on a plate or board. Then melt the chocolate. You can do this in the microwave or on the stove (adult supervision required). Pour the melted chocolate over the bananas (add sprinkles or chia seeds) and place in the fridge to cool and set.

Another option is to spread the nut butter on the bananas, then roll the banana into the Rice Krispies or coconut.

When your bananas are complete, slice the banana into bite-size pieces and allow your child to use chopsticks to pick up the piece of banana. There are many types of child-friendly chopsticks available. I purchased Plum Garden chopsticks that have a loop for your child to place their thumb and finger through with cute animals on top. This makes using the chopsticks kid-friendly and fun!


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