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Nutritious Foods for Picky Eaters

When you have a picky eater you are always nervous if they are receiving proper nutrition.

Here are some quick tips to make sure your child is able to get the most nutrition out of the limited food they will eat.

First, you have to figure out what textures & flavors your child will eat. Does your child like smooth or crunchy foods, hot or cold, spicy or bland? Knowing what your child will eat will help you make more appropriate foods that they will eat.

Here are some recipe ideas for you to try.

Apple Slices with Peanut butter

I slice the apple and arrange the slices like a flower. I place peanut butter in the middle. Having the control of dipping the apple into the peanut butter makes it a fun activity and allows them to decide how much they want on each apple.

Baked Potato Skins

This crunchy food is full of nutrients. I sprinkle Kosher salt, pepper, and olive oil and bake it in the oven. Not only are they delicious and healthy, but your child will also think it is a treat to eat these.

Baked Wraps

I fill these with anything from cheese and beans to cheese and vegetables I have even used chicken and beans. If your child likes soft, use cheese, if they prefer crunchy you can add vegetables and make sure to leave it in the oven a little longer. You can add toppings such as a Quesadilla sauce, sour cream, hot sauce, or anything you like.

Raw Vegetable Treats

I first make a simple design out of slice cucumbers, peppers, carrots, and tomatoes. I have my child copy the picture. Then, when they get it correct, they can eat the picture. I place Hummus and ranch dressing for them to dip their vegetables in.

Shish Kabobs

I make Tofu, Beef & Chicken Shish Kabobs. I am not sure why, but presenting food on a stick makes it appear more fun and appetizing. If you’re nervous about the wooden sticks I have used Bamboo sticks that are softer, smaller, and do not have a point at the end.

Taco Bar

In my book, I make a vegetarian delicious chili. Then I have all the toppings spread out for the children to help make. I make guacamole and place shredded lettuce, sour cream, shredded cheese, soft tacos wraps, and hard taco shells out. I have my child make tacos for everyone at the table. Children enjoy watching people eat what they made and will get them to eat because 1) they see everyone eating the same food and 2)they can make their own choices for what they want to put on their personal plate.

Fruit Kabobs:

I love this activity because it is fun, delicious, and you are able to work on fine motor and bilateral skills all at the same time. Make various patterns out of fruit and have your child try to copy the sequence. Let them make a pattern and you have to copy them. Their reward is they get to eat the Kabob. Again if you are nervous about the wooden skewers, use bamboo ones that are safer.

Fruit Shakes:

You can make so many variations with simple recipes. Using a variety from yogurt to oat milk and adding frozen fruit (strawberries, bananas, and blueberries are my favorites). You can also add healthy supplements and they will be undetected in a shake.

Have your child place the fruits and/or vegetables into the blender, measure and pour the milk (or alternative) and push the blender on. Watching everything blend is very satisfying but also allows them to be in control of the noisy blender. Children with hypersensitivity towards auditory input are able to tolerate the noise when they know when it will be turned on.

Avocado on Toast:

This is a family favorite. I use 1 ripe Avocado. First I make toast, while it is cooking I mash up the avocado, add sea salt, ground pepper, and 1 garlic clove. Once the bread is toasted, add your mashed-up avocado. Feel free to top with red pepper flakes or add red onion. This provides healthy nutrition, various flavors, and crunch that satisfies even the pickiest eater.

These are just a few ideas you can use to help your picky eater get proper nutrition. The summer is full of seasonal fruit and foods that you can take advantage of and get your picky eater to try new and healthy foods.

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