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Winter Tips for Children with Autism

Children get affected by seasonal changes even if they don’t know how to tell us. They are used to running around outside, getting lots of vitamin D. They are able to burn off all their energy playing on the playground or organized sports. Then, days are shorter, colder, and darker. They are limited in what they can do.

Here are some ideas that you can try to help keep your child active while staying indoors.

Play Freeze Dance

My kids loved this, we would jump on the bed, dance around the house, and freeze when the music stopped. It was a great way to let out our pent-up energy while being super silly.

Building Forts

Take chairs, couch cushions, sheets, and pillows and make a fun place where they can read books, play games, color, complete puzzles or just chill in. My kids would have an amazing time being creative building forts and then having the best time playing in them.

Make An Obstacle Course

Using items safely in your house, you can have children crawl under a chair, crabwalk, or frog jump then run and crash into a pile of pillows and repeat 4 times. If you have a trampoline, hoppity hop, scooter board, etc, use it! Kids love participating and after 4 rounds you can have them sit at the table for fine motor activity.

Bake Desserts

Baking is one of my favorite activities. You can research a new recipe together and try it. The process of baking and eating something you did together makes it very special. I have a few recipes here on my blog!

Indoor Attractions

Taking your children to local aquariums, ice skating, trampoline parks, sledding, wall climbing or any other indoor exercise type of activities are also fun ways to help keep your child active.

I would also take my children to the library and let them pick out new books.

Winter Sensory Concerns

Another area of concern is that children who have sensory processing disorder, tend to not want to wear layers of bulky clothing. There are many options now for sensory children. They make less bulky, warmer clothes, tagless shirts, and softer materials. However, if you are unable to find these items, you can always cut off the tags, and wash the items with fabric softener to help soften them up for your child. If your child loves a character you can add a sticker onto the boot or find a hat with that character on it. If your child is old enough and you can take them shopping you can let them pick out what they want. They will be more likely to wear something they've chosen for themselves.

Wintertime is a big change, but it can be a lot of fun. Sledding to snow cones, pillow fights to movie nights, find your winter wonderland and enjoy it with your family!

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