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What Kids Learn by Playing With Potato Head Toys

Potato Heads are also a go-to toy used by educators, therapists, and parents to teach a diverse set of important skills.

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21 Sensory Toys for Kids That Can Help Boost Cognition and Keep the Calm

It’s no secret that hands-on learning and exploration is vital for a young child’s development. And sensory toys, in particular, are an excellent way for kids to engage with different textures, sights, sounds and even smells. 

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Autism Feeding Therapy: Targeting Picky Eating

During my 20+ years of treating children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, I have always been asked: “How do I get my child to eat healthier foods?”

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Helping Picky Eaters 

Sarah uses a sensory lens to understand food aversions and help kids become less tactilely defensive in small, incremental steps. Learn how to do that with your child as well as how to make sure you’re setting your kid up for success when it comes to food. Get ready to play with your food!

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“Play With Your Food!” Cookbook Helps Parents of Picky Eaters

Sarah Appleman has created a kosher cookbook called “Play With Your Food!” which teaches parents how to make mealtime fun and encourage kids to eat everything.


Do Toddlers Grow Out Of Sensory Issues?

Toddlerhood is wrought with behaviors that parents hope their child will eventually outgrow — tantrums, picky eating, bedwetting, and more.


Occupational Therapist Sarah Appleman Tips for Autism Awareness Month

Watch Occupational Therapist Sarah Appleman share tips for parents and teachers for Autism Awareness Month with Host Logan Byrnes on KUSI Channel 9 News San Diego.


Occupational Therapist and Author Sarah Appleman speaks to Teaching Your Toddler about what being an OT means, what a "Picky Eater" really is, how kids manifest sensory issues around food and what to do about that, and her great book Play With Your Food.


Helping Picky Eaters with Sarah Appleman, MS, OTR/L

In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, I’m talking with the author of Play with Your Food, Sarah Appleman. Sarah uses a sensory lens to understand food aversions and help kids become less tactilely defensive in small, incremental steps.


La Jolla resident’s new book gives picky young eaters ways to ‘Play with Your Food’

To help parents, caregivers, teachers and others who work with children who resist certain foods, La Jolla resident Sarah Appleman authored her second book, “Play with Your Food,” which was published in May.


Pediatric occupational therapist and La Jolla resident Sarah Appleman recently released “Play With Your Food!”, a guidebook with games and recipes for parents with children who are overly picky eaters.


Food Sensitivities and Sensory Processing Disorder – What You NEED To Know

Children diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder often struggle with textures, smells and tastes of various food items. How can we, as parents, support them best? Who better to ask than Sarah Appleman, a pediatric occupational therapist and mother to a child that needed support.


Sarah Appleman - Picky Eaters, How to Help!

A pediatric occupational therapist who combined her 20 years experience and love for cooking to write Play With Your Food Book. Understanding the reason why children might be picky eaters and fun therapeutic activities to assist in helping your child improve their food repertoire.


Sarah Appleman, a Pediatric occupational therapist, has come up with a book to help teachers and parents with fussy eaters at school and home. About the book, Sarah says, “I always tell them (parents) that my son was the same way.”


A God-send in the mail was the book "Playing with your Food" by Sarah Appleman. This book has many fun ideas to help Bryce transition into eating more fruits and vegetables by using game formats.


Supporting Ambidextrous Kids in the Classroom: What Teachers Need to Know

We took a look at the science and have some tips to support your ambidextrous student in the classroom and answers on when you might want to call in OT.


Food can be such a funny thing! We can love it and we can dislike it, but we all have to eat it! This is why food is such an important topic when it comes to learning more about our ADHD brain!


Her passion for Occupational Therapy and natural love of cooking have collided. She is now helping children overcome sensory issues, try new foods, and even enjoy helping in the kitchen.


This book is a fun and interactive way to improve your child’s food repertoire! “Play With Your Food” was created by Sarah Appleman, a seasoned Occupational Therapist and mom of 2 kids with Sensory Processing Disorders.


Sarah Appleman, part of the Viking family as a wrestling mom, has published a book that seeks to help Special Needs kids with their eating habits, to make them a little bit healthier.


Sarah and I discuss fun ways to help picky eaters and children with feeding issues get more comfortable with new foods, how to deal with various issues surrounding food, how sensory issues impact eating habits and preferences, and redefining what success “in the kitchen” really means.


In her newly released book, “Play with your Food”, Sarah combines her passions of working with the special need’s population and baking. Through fun therapeutic interventions, activities, and tips, she guides caretakers and children to enjoy the participation in the food preparation with fun games, while improving food repertoire of picky eaters.


Tips, tricks, and ideas on how to flourish as a family at the dinner table!

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