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Play With Your Food visual course is exploring visual perceptive skills! Sarah Appleman, MS, OTR/L, will be discussing many of her frequently asked questions on the subject.


-What is visual perception?

-How does it differ from having good eyesight?

-What are some signs my child is struggling with this skill?

-What activities can my child do to strengthen their visual skills?


Included in the course are exclusive activities that bring play and excitement into excersices intended to improve visual skills, bilateral skills, and fine motor skills!


Play With Your Food courses are designed to be an affordable option to learn more in-depth about certain issues that children with sensory processing disorders face. Each course includes a video with Sarah Appleman explaining the topic and demonstrating exclusive activities around the subject.


We're so excited you're here and hope these courses and activities bring fun and laughter to an often difficult subject. 

Visual Skills Course

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