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5 Ways to Help Your Child Eat Healthier

The biggest complaint I hear from parents is “how do I get my child to eat healthier?”

There are many reasons a child can be a picky or fussy eater. Sometimes it can be a sensory issue (the texture or temperature causes the child to avoid the food). Sometimes it is a lack of awareness. Many children have not touched fruits or vegetables because it is not in their household. Simply introducing various choices to foods will allow your child to safely experiment with tastes.

Children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Increasing their involvement will help them improve their tolerance and tastebuds. Here are some ways you can have your child begin to eat healthier.

1. Explain why it is important to eat healthy

I tell my children that the food is important to help give us energy. When we eat a piece of a cookie, our energy is only 1. When we eat a piece of broccoli, our energy goes up to 5. I explain that we need good choices that help us get stronger, make us faster and help our brains work better. By playing with the concept of eating healthy vs junk, we can teach our children to make better choices.

2. Grow your food

Have your child plant seeds, fruits or vegetables. By teaching them how to grow the food, you are teaching them life skills they are sure to carry through life. I used to love helping my mother plant vegetables & fruits. We would be so excited to check on the plants to see what is ready to pick and eat. There is nothing like growing peppers, tomatoes and lettuce leaves, then using them for a salad. If you don’t like gardening, no problem, bring your child to a local farmers market or farm that allows you to pick fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Give fun substitutes

When my children were young, I would cut up various fruits and vegetables and put them in a nice container. They had dip choices as well. In one of my TikTok videos, I cut peppers and turned them into a train. This makes the act of eating a vegetable more fun rather than just slicing up vegetables. Slice celery, carrots and peppers. Now be creative, you can make faces, flowers, or a rocket out of your vegetables. Have your child copy your creation. Let them make something and you have to copy it. These are simple fun ways to make eating healthy more fun.

4. Yogurt parfaits

Yogurt is one of the healthiest snacks your child can have, but it can be bland. Spice it up by having your child make a layered parfait with fun fruits and designs. This snack is nutritional and refreshing. If you child is unable to eat dairy, there are many substitutions of non-dairy yogurts that you can purchase at the local food store.

5. Portion control and sips of water

It is important that your child learn how much to eat. Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. It is important to learn to take breaks after you eat a few bites and drink a few sips of water. This helps fill you up without overstuffing. It also teaches your child they only have to eat one piece of broccoli not an entire plate. Helping your child learn healthy portions improves their understanding of proper nutrition.

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