Let’s Make A Pizza – Coloring Sheet

This coloring sheet lets your child use their creativity to build a pizza! Here are a few great activities to use with this pizza coloring sheet :

*Build Their Own Pizza – Let them color in their preferred pizza toppings. Ask them what they love the most like cheese, veggies, pepperoni, etc. Let them think about the colors, tastes, and smells. Afterward, you can make or order the pizza to make their drawing a reality.

*Guided Pizza Build – Start by mentioning a few pizza toppings and have them fill in with the appropriate color. For example, ask them to color in the sauce. What color is the sauce? Ask them to add cheese. What color is the cheese?

*Creative or Dessert Pizza – Let them use their imagination to create a dessert pizza or a colorful pizza! Create something completely un-pizza-like!

What’s For Dinner Tonight – Coloring Sheet

Use this sheet to explore meal options and color in what sounds good to them. Having a choice and visualizing a meal helps them get more excited about the food. You can also use this as an activity for recognizing colors in each food item and coloring them in.

Recipe Sheet

Enjoy this sheet as a way for your child to write down and track their favorite recipes! Along with tracking ingredients and instructions, you can also make note of what your child enjoys eating with the meal and what their favorite part about making it is.

Food Journal

For some children, having a daily log about what your child eats can help tremendously. You can notice patterns in mood and types of textures or smells that seem to be the most loved. This journal also encourages your child to think of what they enjoyed about the food.

Make My Plate!

Let your child draw their favorite meal! Remind them that we need our energy to grow big and strong so there are requirements, like fruits, veggies, and protein. This allows your child to have a choice in what they want to eat!

Fruit Match Game

Cut out the squares of fruit, mix them up, and place them upside down. This fruit matching activity helps your child learn and recognize fruits. With a correct match, they can win a piece of fruit!

Veggie Match Game

Cut out the squares of veggies, mix them up, and place them upside down. This veggie matching activity helps your child learn and recognize veggies. With a correct match, they can win some veggie pieces!

Fruit Kabob Game

This activity helps with fine motor skills (cutting out fruit and assembling a kabob) and lets your child get accustomed to the texture and smell of fruits! With this activity, you will cut out the shapes on the paper and create a sequence for the kabob. Then, let your child use cookie cutters to make a similar sequence from fruit and assemble a kabob. Creating the kabob will give them a sense of accomplishment and they will feel more excited about trying their creation.

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