Play With Your Food Book

Created by an Occupational Therapist, tested and approved by kids - 'Play With Your Food' will have your picky eaters enjoying meals in no time at all!

picky eating causes

Picky Eating Causes

When talking with parents, a common theme to hear is that their child is a picky eater! Here are some causes of picky eating and how to help picky eaters start to love new foods.

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Sarah Appleman MS, OTR/L is a published Author, Speaker, and Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Sarah holds a master’s degree from Touro College in Occupational Therapy. She specializes in early intervention in children diagnosed with Sensory Processing Dysfunction. Sarah has worked as a senior therapist, supervisor, and mentor. She was also a supervisor for School Districts, worked in-home care as well as outpatient facilities. 

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