Play With Your Food Book

Created by an Occupational Therapist, tested and approved by kids - 'Play With Your Food' will have your picky eaters enjoying meals in no time at all!

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10 Tips on How to Eat Out Stress-Free with a Picky Eater

Going out to eat without children is pretty stress-free, the hardest part of the night would be deciding where to eat.

Going out to dinner with kids, things become more complex, packing items as if you are going on a cross country trip, keeping the seated, entertained and getting them to eat, pretty tough.

Going out with a child who is a Picky Eater, this situation can be a nightmare. 

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How To Help Your Sensory Child Have A Successful Halloween

However, my joy and excitement are not shared by everyone. Parents of children with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) or children diagnosed on the spectrum are far from enthusiastic. In fact, they are stressed out. The noises and sights are too overstimulating and can cause a meltdown. Here are some tips to help your family have a successful Halloween!

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Sarah Appleman MS, OTR/L is a published Author, Speaker, and Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Sarah holds a master’s degree from Touro College in Occupational Therapy. She specializes in early intervention in children diagnosed with Sensory Processing Dysfunction. Sarah has worked as a senior therapist, supervisor, and mentor. She was also a supervisor for School Districts, worked in-home care as well as outpatient facilities. 

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