'Play With Your Food' provides recipes and activities to create stress-free meals that are kid-tested and approved. Get ready to Play With Your Food!

Sarah Appleman MS, OTR/L is a published Author, Speaker, and Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Sarah holds a master’s degree from Touro College in Occupational Therapy. She specializes in early intervention in children diagnosed with Sensory Processing Dysfunction. Sarah has worked as a senior therapist, supervisor, and mentor. She was also a supervisor for School Districts, worked in-home care as well as outpatient facilities. 


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Outdoor Sensory Activities

Taking your Sensory Engagements outside is a wonderful idea. First, most Sensory Activities are very messy, so you will have less to clean up! Second, you have the ability to utilize nature as your playground. This helps increase the amount of movement you can introduce to your child in a safe, natural setting. You can also utilize the environment to enhance speech skills, such as having your child talk about what they see, hear and smell. Here are a few fun activities for you to do with your child outside!

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How To Switch Routines With Children On The Spectrum

Everyone knows how important routine is. Routines help keep you organized, calm, and reduce stress. Routines allow you to engage successfully in activities because you can predict what will happen. Routine is comforting. However, change is inevitable, and it is important to learn how to properly handle change. A lot of children I work with have poor coping skills. This makes change extremely hard as they are unable to properly calm themselves when they become agitated. Life is full of uncertainty and unexpected events. Here are some ways to help your child prepare for change!

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